Introduction to Career Transition Coaching and its Benefits

Transition Coaching

Coaching is about exploration, discovering new possibilities, and achieving your potential. You will engage in a  journey supported by your coach to learn more about yourself, effectively harness your skills and make good decisions that will provide career momentum or clarity about what you would like to do in retirement, resulting in the achievement of your goals. 

To achieve this, you will have discussions with your coach in which you will learn about yourself and your career options and commit to actions that serve a well defined career purpose. Your coach may not solve problems for you, but will help you develop the skills to solve your own problems. The coaching relationship is unique for every person.  It’s based on what works for you, on what you want to achieve, and on how you want to get there. Clients value have a trusted sounding board with whom they can identify the best direction for them and then help them achieve their objectives.

Coaches are good listeners, observant and are genuinely curious. They are motivated by helping you get to where you want to go and are on your side. Coaches clarify issues, replay what you say to make sure you're effectively communicating and encourage you to pinpoint what’s really important. Coaching is  about learning and discovery – uncovering what motivates and inspires you, identifying your key values and beliefs, finding out what gets you stuck and helping you to break through barriers and overcome the challenges you face.

Most importantly, coaching is all about taking responsibility for your own success by applying the tools and insights you'll learn through the coaching process and taking  considered action to achieve your goals and measure progress. Coaching will help determine what success looks like and what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

Benefits of Working with a Coach 

Investing in your own career management is one of the most important things you can do for yourself - but it's also one of the most commonly overlooked.  A coach can support you along your transition journey and help you see challenging situations from new perspectives, as well as help you see new possibilities. 


You can think of your coach as your secret weapon.


 Working with a coach can help to: 

  • clarify your goals

  • help you identify options you may not have thought of

  • accelerate results

  • identify a gap in your skills, knowledge or resources

  • gain an objective partner to help you achieve your goals

  • gain clarity of purpose and direction so you can progress in your career

  • achieve better work-life balance

  • identify your strengths and use them  to help you succeed


Whatever your reason to work with a coach, they will support you and help you achieve the success you want.  Your coach is dedicated to helping you take control of your future so you can confidently achieve your goals with clarity of purpose and a plan of action. Working with your coach may well change your life for the better.


“Chemistry” Session

Coaches and their clients have to be confident they will work together well. To check this out we can arrange a “Chemistry session” so that you can explain to your potential coach what you are looking for, they can explain how they could work with you in more detail and on what terms and you can both decide if you would like to work together.  Email us if this is what you would like to do. The initial chemistry session (up to 30 minutes) is free. You can choose up to two of our coaches as your preferred coach.

Meet the Author

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Executive, Career Transition and Outplacement Coaching

Ross is an executive coach and transformation consultant well positioned to support senior leaders facing complex challenges. Ross has over 30-years of business experience drawing from international roles in Canada, Japan, United Kingdom,Monaco, and India.  During a successful career in financial services spanning over 25-years, Ross held senior roles in banking strategy, operational risk management, learning and development, global payments products, corporate sales, wealth management, and enterprise leadership.  Ross uses these experiences in understanding the journey of each client.

MA Distinction in Clinical Organisational Psychology (Consulting and Coaching for Change)
MBA (Strategy and marketing)
Certified in the HOGAN Leadership Suite of psychometric tools
Post-Graduate Diploma in International Business Management
BA Political Science and International Relations

"Ross is a lateral thinker with a clear strategy and plan to enable his clients to achieve. He listens carefully and questions situations in a reflective, non-judgmental manner – ever conscientious of the destination of his client. Ross has a genuine passion to see his clients succeed in their chosen path and he will walk with them all the way."

Lynda S, Consultant

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