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Mature experienced recruitment

We source mature professionals to help you create a diverse and inclusive multi-generational workforce which can transform your organisation.  


We work alongside HR departments looking to become age-positive employers, or those just looking for an experienced hire.

We introduce tried and tested expertise to your organisation and we manage the full cycle of cost-effective skills supply.  

To ignore the value of experience is to reject opportunity.  Our current user base has over a million years' of accrued experience that will provide you with unmatched expertise, and will help unlock and maximise the true potential of your talent pool. 

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The benefits of an Age-Positive Workforce

Improved Financial Performance

A team that includes Age diversity alongside gender, ethnicity and geographic diversity outperforms by 87%...

Improved Decision Making

A team with a 25 year age range meets or exceeds expectations 73% of the time. Versus teams with a 10 year age range who meet or exceed expectations 35% of the time.

Improved Productivity & Retention

Prime age workers are rated productive more than other age groups.  Being part of a mixed age workplace increases retention &  motivation and reduces training and on-boarding costs.

How we work with Employers

Age -Positive Audit & Consulting Services

​We work with D&I, CSR, HR and Compliance to support multi-generational workforce implementation. We provide audit, analysis and advice on being an age inclusive workforce. 

Experienced Candidate Staffing Services

We offer full life-cycle staffing solutions to both public and private sector organisations. We source unique and tested expertise from our database of experienced talent carefully matched to your organisational needs.

Strategic Partnerships

We cooperate and collaborate with both public and private sector organisations in developing bespoke strategic partnerships focused on the  provision of experienced talent.