Age-Positive Coaching & Career Transition

We help organisations and individuals with Career Transition, Outplacement and Retirement coaching. 

Experients' Coaching provides mature experienced professionals with career transition guidance and support. Career transition support for older people requires specialist skills and experience.  The Experients' Coaching provision is delivered by our highly qualified coaches, all of whom have been specifically chosen for their experience with helping older workers and coaching clients over 50 with career transition support through to retirement advice. 


We work with your HR teams to put in place a package of support that best suits the needs of your organisation and its' people. We also assist corporates with advice and guidance for their departing experienced professionals. 

If you are a corporate looking for career transition support  for your team members, please see our information brochure below or contact us by email.


For individual clients, our coaches each offer a 30 minute chemistry test to understand each client's objectives and describe their coaching style in more depth. 

Find out more about Transition Coaching and its Benefits in our Introduction to Coaching here.

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Meet our Coaching Team



Executive, Career Transition and Outplacement Coaching

Ian helps the client set clear objectives, both for each session and overall, ensuring that the coaching is forward looking. Contracting is clear and there are regular reviews of how effective the sessions have been to ensure the client is progressing. While Ian’s style is generally non-directive he is not prescriptive about this. Overall Ian seeks to really listen and support the client. Each coaching programme is designed for the particular needs and wishes of the client, with objective setting and action measures to ensure it is effective. But even more importantly with wide sector and role experience, humility and a focus on listening. 

APECS Certified Professional Executive Coach

Coaching Development ICF Accredited Professional Coaching Skills Course

BA (Hons) in History (Bristol)

Diploma-in-Law (City)

MBA (Ashridge)

'[Ian] brings real care and dedication to his professional work, along with significant and valuable senior level organisational experience which very few others operating in this field can match.  It is very easy to find a coach who’s been on a two-day course; it’s far less easy to find somebody of Ian’s competence.'

Anonymous Client, Human Resources Director

Louisa Elder Photo.jpg


Executive, Career Transition and Outplacement Coaching

Louisa works with a wide range of tools and her approach is evidence and research based (supported by her degree in psychotherapy). She has a highly pragmatic approach, developing actionable and tangible outcomes. Louisa adapts her tools to fit with clients, to enable an integrative relational approach (including a range of disciplines from organisational consulting to processes incorporated from psychotherapy).

ICF accredited coach (currently working towards PCC level)
Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy
MA degree from Oxford
Qualified lawyer and Project Manager

'[Louisa] is highly intuitive and offers a good balance of practical suggestions with the right level of encouragement and emotional support. As a result I felt we had a strong connection and that kept me motivated when things seemed difficult. I’m lucky to have found her and can’t recommend her
highly enough”.

Rachel, Charity Trustee & Social Entrepreneur, 58

Melissa head shot.jpg


Style and Workplace Appearance Coaching

Melissa Lund is an image coach and personal stylist who has been working with companies and individuals since 1993. Melissa believes that image colours every interaction we have with the world. She says, “Image is a powerful business tool and when we use it correctly it will enhance credibility, confidence and performance.”. Her clients come from many different sectors but share the need to look and feel as if they can take on the world and win. Sessions are energising and positive and the skills Melissa imparts to clients will last a life time.

London College of Fashion (1992) Personal Styling Diploma 

Your True Colours Ltd (1992) Colour Analysis, Style Theory

'Melissa's work was first class. She was adept at convincing me as a sceptical client of the benefit of her input and I have found the advice she gave me invaluable.'
Paul Allen, CEO, Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Ross Emerson.jpeg


Executive, Career Transition and Outplacement Coaching

Ross is an executive coach and transformation consultant well positioned to support senior leaders facing complex challenges. Ross has over 30-years of business experience drawing from international roles in Canada, Japan, United Kingdom,Monaco, and India.  During a successful career in financial services spanning over 25-years, Ross held senior roles in banking strategy, operational risk management, learning and development, global payments products, corporate sales, wealth management, and enterprise leadership.  Ross uses these experiences in understanding the journey of each client.

MA Distinction in Clinical Organisational Psychology (Consulting and Coaching for Change)
MBA (Strategy and marketing)
Certified in the HOGAN Leadership Suite of psychometric tools
Post-Graduate Diploma in International Business Management
BA Political Science and International Relations

"Ross is a lateral thinker with a clear strategy and plan to enable his clients to achieve. He listens carefully and questions situations in a reflective, non-judgmental manner – ever conscientious of the destination of his client. Ross has a genuine passion to see his clients succeed in their chosen path and he will walk with them all the way."

Lynda S, Consultant

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Our Age-Positive What's Next? Coaching, Outplacement and Retirement Services

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