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About Experients

What we do

We promote the value of experience of older workers through advocacy, advice and job placement to transform multi-generational workplaces of the future.

We place experienced talent in the public and private sector.  We advise organisations on diversity and age-inclusive workplaces.


We help older workers continue to work longer in positions and workplace cultures where their experience is valued. 


Why we do it

Everyone knows brilliant older people who they turn to for advice, who inspire us, who have solved the same problem before and yet who are excluded from the workplace because ‘they are over-qualified’. 


We believe that it shouldn’t be like that – that organisations can benefit from the experience and expertise of these people to transform their productivity, culture and make themselves future-fit for our increasingly ageing world.


For nearly a decade our efforts have been focused on resolving the under-employment of mature talent. We help businesses improve through employing older workers.

How it helps 

For organisations: because having older workers can improve productivity, loyalty, customer satisfaction, mentoring and team morale. 


For older workers: because working later in life improves mental and physical health, and increases social and financial well-being. 


For society: because we are an increasingly ageing society and by helping the lives of older workers and accelerating a fully inclusive multi-generational future of work, we are improving society for all.

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